[meta-freescale] Adding support for external RTC (PCF2127/29)

Andreas Enbacka andreas.enbacka at gasera.fi
Thu Mar 22 23:14:42 PDT 2018



I am working on adding support for an external real-time clock chip (NXP
PCF2127/29) to our custom Kontron SMARC SAMX6i Linux Yocto 1.8 image,
however, I am experiencing issues with getting the device to work. I have
enabled the PCF2127-compatible I2C driver using menuconfig, and rebuilt the
Linux 3.14-based kernel. I assume some modification is required to the
device tree as well? Are there some device tree example available, in case
anyone else has used the same RTC chip previously? Any information would be
greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

Andreas Enbacka

Gasera Ltd


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