[meta-freescale] gstreamer-imx build for 16.04

naseeb at wowvision.in naseeb at wowvision.in
Wed Mar 21 23:55:38 PDT 2018


I have NXP wandboard.
To use gstreamer imxeglvivsink plugin in Ubuntu 14.04 i used to build as 
a. compile gstreamer-imx manually and install.
b. Install IMX6Q Vivante GPU (Graphics) drivers using 

Now i downloaded wandboard-all-ubuntu-16.04-sdcard-20160520.img 
downloaded from wandboard 
It has gstreamer-imx plugins and drivers installed.
but when i update the board gstreamer is upgraded to 1.8.3 from 
1.8.0(default with image) and run the pipeline to imxeglvivsink, system 
gets hang.

Please shed some light what could be the issue. Does imx plugin and 
driver integrity breaks?

Naseeb Panghal

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