[meta-freescale] [PATCH 19/29] pkc-firmware: update to 209e0e6

Chunrong Guo B40290 at freescale.com
Thu Apr 20 20:59:27 PDT 2017

From: Chunrong Guo <chunrong.guo at nxp.com>

      *include the following changes
       209e0e6 - ring affinity: keep jobs and responses in the same ring pair
       1cd87fb - remove unused parameter from function signature
       688e402 - add new handshake parameters (like old is the new new :)
       bdd38f2 - fix irq missing issue for all rings
       b5f6504 - rename structure fields to match their content
       d0b6e25 - fix column alignment to avoid confusion
       66ac4ef - remove not used fields from handshake structures
       53716e6 - merge together the functions doing ring pairs initialization
       ffa6360 - make r_cntrs local to the app_ring structure
       61a597f - remove not used allocation of s_c_cntrs_mem
       a1b8599 - remove not used allocation of cntrs_mem
       1246eb8 - make ring indices local to the app_ring structure
       d01ed6c - remove redundant type casts
       a12f170 - allocate space for input rings independently instead of in bulk
       e41fc52 - num_of_rps is not used after initialization
       e827ac6 - refactoring: merge content of two functions
       5dcdc32 - device ip_pool is not used on the host so we remove it
       21bc000 - merge content of resource struct into c_mem_layout
       4b39488 - remove not used function
       a276c46 - add U suffix to unsigned constants
       6d13be3 - remove not used function
       0aaeeab - remove redundant busyloop during handshake
       fe54ba4 - avoid returns from the middle of the handshake function
       fda0f8e - clean-up for consistent code indentation
       c441ffc - move macro definition to the header file
       e87f3e2 - wrap assembly directive with a macro
       2091a40 - refactoring: clean-up code style
       f9261c3 - value returned by sel_sec_enqueue is ignored so make it void
       a7b2cf7 - avoid linking printf code by default
       a9cc62d - remove print_error because it duplicates print_debug
       542c9d1 - remove deprecated or not used code
       542c9d1 - remove deprecated or not used code
       b11bbbf - fix precision loss conversion errors
       428c51c - remove not used code
       ecd79e6 - avoid playing with compiler optimizations games
       5121ad3 - remove deprecated and not used code
       949c908 - raise interrupt on the ring that submitted the jobs
       92e7089 - refactoring: merge related code into a single function
       f131421 - remove no longer used handshake fields
       6e3ab80 - simplify calculation of msi address
       7e337a9 - rename local variables for clarity
       e4bef8e - refactoring: extract two functions to simplify code
       9dd692d - move handshake state initialization to appropriate function
       70f061b - cluster together initialization code
       e92ede5 - remove not used macros
       31636ca - remove duplicated function
       7c87c3a - search the ring that received rng descriptors and remove waiting
       9d132e3 - remove inconsistently used local variable
       4fab968 - remove ignored variable
       dcbdc8a - start counting SEC engines from 0 as in C29x documentation
       2189d7a - remove not-used structure field sec_jr.id
       739e1cc - remove not used structure field sec
       4bb7e8f - use a dummy allocator to keep track of data addresses
       0d960b7 - remove padding fields from handshake structures
       6973141 - remove not used structure members dgb_print & err_print
       f3c1977 - remove not used structure members intr_*_ticks
       612371b - rearrange code to merge two #ifdef's
       a86a0a9 - move definition to the header file
       ff8ce9d - remove unused function wait_for_timeout
       97a0657 - remove unused typedef shadow_indexes_mem_t
       5d0e0b0 - remove redundant definitions of standard types
       86a6451 - remove unused function irja_signal_caam
       8106252 - remove unused function circ_room
       086f102 - job ring result has no significance as a signed integer
       dc8f37d - remove not used members of sec_engine structure
       9a6a5c2 - rewrite the initalization code for sec engines list
       8ab2b15 - remove priority queues and ignore ring order settings
       1b48817 - remove not used struct member order_j_d_index
       e64f7fc - remove not used struct member resp_j_done_flag
       7b20be4 - remove the assumption that ring 0 has any special significance
       0d9946b - make explicit that we are using C89/90 standard with GNU extensions
       cf7cd79 - remove not used padding fields in handshake structure
       d7adc6e - pad not used handshake fields to prepare for their removal
       670c95f - make explicit that we have a single response ring hardcoded to id 0
       db84b26 - remove not used structure variable enqcount
       07b9fda - remove not used structure pointer cmdrp
       b253763 - don't send available data through stack
       0d19768 - remove macro hiding simple code
       0aaba96 - remove commented code
       8278186 - remove code supporting P4080 prototypes
       f88a9bc - remove non-high-perf supporting code
       090755e - remove not used structure cmd_tbl_s
       4f8184b - remove not used orig_rps structure variable
       0a635a9 - remove not used structure variable drv_resp_ring_count
       3432b1c - rename structure variable ring_count to num_of_rps
       71a3a3d - remove duplicated assignment
 recipes-bsp/pkc-firmware/pkc-firmware_git.bb | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/recipes-bsp/pkc-firmware/pkc-firmware_git.bb b/recipes-bsp/pkc-firmware/pkc-firmware_git.bb
index bc61d67..f5848eb 100644
--- a/recipes-bsp/pkc-firmware/pkc-firmware_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-bsp/pkc-firmware/pkc-firmware_git.bb
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ inherit deploy
-SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/pkc-firmware.git;branch=sdk-v2.0.x"
-SRCREV = "f75d281d83e74758f54d85bacfa74b7c07514413"
+SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/pkc-firmware.git;nobranch=1"
+SRCREV = "209e0e6babdab43f38db84591307bedfd0bed542"
 S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

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