[meta-freescale] How to determine the current stable branch

Isaac Nickaein nickaein.i at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 05:56:14 PST 2016

Currently, the Community homepage (https://freescale.github.io/) suggests
the latest release for Freescale is Fido:

1. The "documentation" section has links to Yocto 1.8
2. The "Get the BSP" provides scripts for cloning the fido branch.

However, the "current" documentation link:


points to he Jethro (Yocto 2.0) release. Also, the Yocto releases page says
the latest stable branch is Jethro (I suspect this can't guarantee that the
latest recommended branch for FSL is also Jethro though).

How should one determine the current stable branch of Yocto for FSL
community for the production?

Are all packages (except deprecated ones) available in previous (e.g. Fido)
branch become immediately available upon release of next stable branch
(e.g. Jethro)? If no, when should we switch to a stable branch and be
confident it is "good enough" for production?

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