[meta-freescale] [PATCH v3 0/3] Update to Linux 4.4

Stefan Agner stefan at agner.ch
Mon Jan 18 22:54:10 PST 2016

From: Stefan Agner <stefan.agner at toradex.com>

Hi Otavio,

This patchset bumps the Linux kernel to 4.4. For Vybrid we can
now make use of the new DCU DRM driver. I successfully booted an
image on the Tower. However, I do not have the display hence could
not visually verify that the DCU driver works. I previously tested
the driver on our Toradex Colibri VF61 module, where it worked
successfully, hence I assume it should work on the Tower too. The
DRM sysfs files report the correct resolution (for the TWR-LCD-RGB

# cat /sys/class/drm/card0-LVDS-1/*
cat: read error: Is a directory
cat: read error: Is a directory
cat: read error: Is a directory

Changes since v2:
- Rebased on master, and hence remove the 4.3 kernel recipe
- Updated linux-fslc to the new git hash

Changes since v1:
- Removed old kernel recipe 4.1
- Regenerate common defconfig using savedefconfig too

Stefan Agner (3):
  linux-fslc (4.4): Introduce Linux 4.4 kernel
  imx-base.inc: use modesetting driver for Vybrid
  xserver-xf86-config: use modesetting for Vybrid

 conf/machine/include/imx-base.inc                  |   1 +
 .../xorg-xserver/xserver-xf86-config/vf/xorg.conf  |  12 +
 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc/defconfig          |   6 +-
 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc/vf/defconfig       | 318 +++++++++++++++++++++
 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_4.3.bb             |  17 --
 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_4.4.bb             |  17 ++
 6 files changed, 349 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 recipes-graphics/xorg-xserver/xserver-xf86-config/vf/xorg.conf
 create mode 100644 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc/vf/defconfig
 delete mode 100644 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_4.3.bb
 create mode 100644 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_4.4.bb


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