[meta-freescale] Recipe for prebuilt binary [Suppress Requires(post) section of rpm spec file]

Prasant J pj0585 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 07:23:26 PST 2016


I'm writing a custom layer for my imx6q based board.

In my layer I'm writing a recipe for prebuilt binary. I have other
recipes for prebuilt binary that work.

This recipe is for installing prebuilt JVM. The JVM has many .so files
that need many other libraries to run. The dependencies get added to
rpm spec file as "Requires(post):". I will be using only certain
libraries from JVM for which I have installed the dependent libs. I
have bypassed QA_Checks and the package gets built, but during image
creation it complains that nothing provides... say 'xyz'.

Is there a way by which I can suppress "Requires(post):" section of
rpm spec file, so that installation time it does not complain if
missing dependencies?

(Also, I would like to keep all the JVM files in my final image.)

Any inputs will be of help.

Regards, PJ

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