[meta-freescale] [PATCH 06/60] linux-qoriq: update to commit 43cecda

ting.liu at nxp.com ting.liu at nxp.com
Fri Jan 8 22:42:59 PST 2016

From: Ting Liu <ting.liu at nxp.com>

New commits imported:
43cecda fmd: remove cc-aging support
867551d fmd: relocate aging_support field to maintain compatibility
08d3161 Merge pull request #75 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R52568/linux-devel:hotfix/QLINUX-3938-fmd-ioc_compat_fm_pcd_kg_scheme_spc_t to master
1cf7b57 fmd: PCD: fix offline port blocked by fragmented IPV6
295abbb fmd: move compat_copy_fm_pcd_kg_scheme_spc out of DPAA 11 def
976b0aa fmd: PCD: fix offline port blocked by fragmented IPV6
b242e9c fmd: Add support for IPF after HMan
fd8e7c7 Merge pull request #69 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R27762/linux-devel:add_hm_node_stats to master
1c291fd Merge pull request #72 in SDK/linux-devel from ~B56421/linux-devel_sdk_ip-usb:bugfix/QSDK-2454 to master
50eea51 Merge pull request #48 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R52568/linux-devel:bugfix/QLINUX-3822-monitoring-any-match-inside-hash to master
dd05648 arm: dts: ls1021a: Add dma-coherent property to usb3 node
e8c288e drivers: dwc3: Set dma ops for xhci dev
56afee9 drivers: dwc3 : Add support for USB snooping
3f83306 drivers: dwc3: host: Change burst beat and outstanding pipelined transfers requests.
1666d68 fmd: add ioctl call to retrieve scheme counter - spc
a9d0ea5 fmd: Render header manip node statistics available in user space
e176e3f fmd: fix compat layer for aging_support
3a8d082 Merge pull request #65 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R01356/linux-devel:bugfix/QUSDPA-704-segfault-in-dma_mem-allocator.c to master
a57ffba Merge pull request #64 in SDK/linux-devel from ~B06830/linux-devel:bugfix/QSDK-2404-cryptodev-linux-sha1-offloading to master
0586472 Merge pull request #63 in SDK/linux-devel from ~B29983/linux-devel-tyt:QSDK-2438-there-is-some-improper-information to master
61f0e11 Merge pull request #61 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R54964/linux-devel:bug-fix to master
cfb981f dev-exporting dev functions to support ceetm
e98f36e fsl_usdpaa: Remove TLB entries when unmapping memory
8700bab crypto: caam - Change kmalloc to kzalloc to avoid residual data
4fd8cac crypto: caam - fix memory corruption in ahash_final_ctx
16d4087 crypto: caam - Fix incorrect size when DMA unmapping buffer
270c770 crypto: caam - improve initalization for context state saves
67ef9d13 crypto: caam - enable LARGE_BURST for enhancing DMA transactions size
2c27666 crypto: caam - make write transactions bufferable on PPC platforms
418316c cpufreq: qoriq: fix output information error
300c3ff fsl-qbman: Handle memory leaks
56e16e2 fsl-pme: Check for null pointers
3ac31aa fsl-dce: Handle memory allocation failures
e11b65b fsl-dce: Correct error paths and add new labels
ea1259d fsl_qbman: null check for lni in qman_ceemt_sp_release
e82a761 fmd: fix locks in ModifyKey function
dedb4b3 fmd: support aging in CC
0506053 pci/layerscape: Do not check link status
e03bbdd asf_tcp_nf: Patch to correct typecast in tcp timestamp copy.
91aade9 Revert "gianfar: Add dma transfer endian property support"
03dd666 kconfig-asf : asf_qos disabled with asf by default
b8d41cb dev-asf-qos - correcting the qos hooks for dpaa linux qos
18b0779 dpaa_eth: fix bpool seeding for advanced drivers
7faf498 net, gianfar, rt: Update TX_TIMEOUT to 5HZ
502650e net, rt: limit net_rx napi calls in threaded ISR context
e37ce25 powerpc/t1040/dts: Add interrupts for PHYs connected to L2 Switch ports
6da728b fmd: support aging in CC
5cd3a8f fmd: fix policer spelling issues
b5d9899 fmd: Remove FM_PORT_PcdPrsModifyStartOffset routine - not supported
4c642e7 fsl_qbman: enable sending cscn to dcp for old qman revision
b8887bd t4240dts: correct the ceetm node
f33567a dpaa_eth: Add a configurable dpa_tx call
e48b858 mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: fix compile error on ARM platform
fb9a06b QorIQ/TMU: add TMU node to device tree for QorIQ T1023/T1024
4fbd4cf QorIQ/TMU: add thermal management support based on TMU
a9463a3 QorIQ/TMU: add TMU node to device tree for QorIQ T1040/T1042
6b43e2b thermal: fix cpu_cooling max_level behavior
f0a70b9 mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add SDR50 mode support for SD/MMC Legacy Adapter Card
9ac6075 mmc: esdhc: add eMMC45 Adapter Card HS200 mode support
e89634e QorIQ/TMU: add TMU node to device tree for LS1021A
fd1b282 Merge branch 'feature/LS1-for-SDK' of ssh://sw-stash.freescale.net/dnnpi/ls1-linux-jason into LS1-SDKV04-SDK1.9
8d3a3ca t104xd4rdb: add DS26522 nodes to device tree
aaa395f Merge branch 'qoriq-sdk' into LS1-SDK-Rev2.0
ec78b41 arm: ls1021a: mask interrupts before entering deep sleep
13d0daf arm: dts: ls1021a: Add transfer mode property in DSPI2 node
6f50fc1 arm: dts: ls1021atwr: Enable DSPI2 dts node
7a6dba4 arm: ls1021a: change the order of setting PMC interrupt registers
4e61417 crypto: caam - fix SEC ERA reading
bcd5862 crypto: caam - fix snooping for write transactions
eec616d1 arm/dts: Add node for ina220 on LS1021ATWR-Rev
3915d65 arm/defconfig: Add Atheros AT803X PHYs support
e364aa2 QE/HDLC: modify QE-HDLC for both ARM and POWERPC
bb21962 Test patch: Enable CAN SoC level loopback
a4c59bc arm/dts: Add nodes for flexcan devices present on LS1021A-Rev2 SoC
6e9c5a3 can: flexcan: Add support for non RX-FIFO mode
c466de8 can: flexcan: Remodel FlexCAN register r/w APIs for BE instances
306f67c can: flexcan: Add ls1021a flexcan device entry
7e71163d doc/bindings: Add 'endianess' optional-property for FlexCAN controller
1795472 Revert 'can: flexcan: Add ls1021a flexcan device entry'
863d717 Revert 'net: can: Remodel FlexCAN register read/write APIs for BE instances'
41cfacd Revert 'can: flexcan: Add support for non RX-FIFO mode and conditional ERRATA ERR005829 handling'
8d04086 mmc: sdhci: more efficient interrupt enable register handling
e08d8bf pci/layerscape: update MSI code for ls1021 rev2 MSI support
d217d96 mmc: sdhci-pltfm: enable interrupt mode to detect card
7549302 arm: ls1021a: enable sleep and deep sleep for rev 2.0 silicon
3aa9846 ls1021a: dts: Add eTSEC info for 2nd interrupt groups
5217966 Merge branch 'qoriq-sdk' into LS1-SDK-Rev2.0
02d571e ls102xa: nor: Adjust the partition for NOR flash according to the new mapping table
78fd893 arm: ls1021a: add deep sleep support on TWR-LS1021A-PB
b65882a Revert "gianfar: Disable Rx snooping for LS1"
138b929 Revert "gianfar: Remove tx snooping support from LS1"
7b56cb1 arm: ls1021a: add platform notifier for dma-coherent requirement
62a2834 ls102xa: dts: Remove big-endian-regs property for SAI
bebea77 Revert "ls102xa: audio: Workaround for SAI data transfer endian issue"
a449b22 ls102xa: nor: Adjust the partition for NOR flash

Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu at nxp.com>
Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo at nxp.com>
 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qoriq_3.12.bb | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qoriq_3.12.bb b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qoriq_3.12.bb
index 23a2e00..0e6b8ab 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qoriq_3.12.bb
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qoriq_3.12.bb
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 require recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qoriq.inc
-SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/linux.git;nobranch=1 \
+SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/linux.git;branch=sdk-v1.9.x \
     file://modify-defconfig-t1040-nr-cpus.patch \
     file://net-sctp-CVE-2014-0101.patch \
     file://0001-ARM-8158-LLVMLinux-use-static-inline-in-ARM-ftrace.patch \
@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@ SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/linux.git;nobranch=1 \
     file://0001-powerpc-Align-TOC-to-256-bytes.patch \
-SRCREV = "f488de6741d5ba805b9fe813d2ddf32368d3a888"
+SRCREV = "43cecda943a6c40a833b588801b0929e8bd48813"

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