[meta-freescale] [PATCH 34/60] pkc-host: update to commit 26df0a3

ting.liu at nxp.com ting.liu at nxp.com
Fri Jan 8 22:43:27 PST 2016

From: Ting Liu <ting.liu at nxp.com>

New commits imported:
26df0a3 fix references to dsa sign, verify and keygen buffers
3d11a8b remove obvious comments in dsa.c
e04defa fix ecdsa-sign test
60a16b2 fix ecdsa-verify test
ffaf905 fix ecdsa verify descriptor
7fab9ff remove redundant global variables in ecdsa_test.c
fefdadb clarify assignments in dsa_keygen_init_crypto_mem
12c1e53 avoid redundant typecasts when accessing structure dsa_keygen_buffers
dc3e433 avoid redundant typecasts when accessing structure dsa_verify_buffers
d189aea avoid redundant typecasts when accessing structure dsa_sign_buffers
bc77727 clarify assignments in dsa_verify_init_crypto_mem
0a33653 clarify assignments in dsa_sign_init_crypto_mem
bc223b9 fix incorrect macro-expansion of arguments
c203b2e remove redundant subtraction in dsa.c round-robin code
e3f03bc remove dead code in ecdsa_test.c
7b236cb remove dead code in rsa_test.h
d084594 whitespace clean-up in rsa, dsa and ecdsa test vectors
b7e292a white-space clean-up in dsa.c
f792c40 add notifications about not supported configurations
309202d fix SEC jobs error reporting
f67f35c fix debug print for descriptors
973c09d sync with firmware build 8fcd0bc
3d32570 remove not necessary #includes in algs_reg.c
806bfae refactoring: merge trivial VIRTIO functions
4074a65 fix build error for VIRTIO_C2X0=y
58d8ba0 reduce #ifdef obfuscation for sym_cra_init and sym_cra_exit
ee3aa86 merge three adjacent #ifndef VIRTIO_C2X0 regions
07b8e40 move sym_cra_init and sym_cra_exit to allow merge of #ifdef regions
e545259 move fill_crypto_dev_sess_ctx function to merge two #ifdef regions
143d79f do not silence print_error at build time
4ed84e3 remove redundant void* to void* type casting
47b6f64 refactoring: use compound statements with if constructs
cd15d02 use dev_err to print device related errors
30a5705 replace ALIGN* macros by function calls
96d67e7 remove redundant #define for BRR_VALUE
2d74d96 remove unnecessary #include's from crypto_ctx.h
0ac80bd rename rsa test callback function for clarity
4ee3ee1 match types of members in fsl_crypto_alg with those in related structures
b6f6e97 rename structure to avoid confusions with the variables
c960102 always print errors related to descriptors
9920b1f update ring index at the end of the loop
67f743b remove redundant typedef fsl_h_mem_handshake_t
3039d45 remove redundant typedef crypto_h_mem_layout_t
4b19fb5 remove redundant typedef crypto_c_hs_mem_t
6ae863d remove redundant typedef fsl_pci_dev_t
e8050e2 remove redundant typedef driver_ob_mem_t
1ac31db remove redundant structure crypto_dev_mem_info
8b134fb rename members of pci_bar_info structure
60ffef6 remove redundant typedef pci_bar_info_t
1ce8047 use the same type for function and return variable
319bc02 make temporary variables the same type as the original
3fbe1f7 rename variable and function for clarity
4d4bf3c make volatile the handshake memory on host
d64eac6 fix reading values from the local memory
692ab74 rename variable to reduce reading confusions
c9ad613 rename per_core_struct as bh_handler
5c30ce6 remove duplicate bottom half handler variable
15254d0 merge content of structures bh_handler and per_core_struct
e54a71d sync with firmware build bef6960
d1e1e5e remove redundant macro RING_FULL from within block
64898d4 clarify comment about where to put fw_resp_ring
d819503 remove not used global variables
0fb1293 remove not used define
09b590d relocate external declaration of *per_core
91a450e remove Makefile target 'dist' incorrectly aliased to 'clean'
dda196a separate cli application build from the driver
7261910 build a dynamic linking cli application
df39d8c use a bigger type for req_mem_size
f78435f fix machine crash on timer test
a7e8a6a add firmware fixes for incorrect IRQ signalling
27751bf refactor: remove common_sysfs_show/store from sysfs.h
4a60e77 remove redundant print function
464704b sync with firmware updates
71446a0 clean-up tests before releasing driver structures
6d982cd fix offset calculation for shared counters struct
110b1e7 remove duplicate code and #ifdef branch
f3e08dd refactoring: extract function from loop to enhance clarity
745af67 remove redundant structure for shadow counters
1f92e9b remove not used external declaration
0a53ea3 remove code fragment without purpose
26d2ef5 remove redundant fw_resp_ring_t typedef
d65d0e7 remove redundant shadow_memory structure
5fb0526 remove redundant resp_ring_entry_t typedef
76f0d17 remove redundant ring_counters_mem_t typedef
a7f5054 remove redundant ring_shadow_counters_mem_t typedef
d2e1765 remove redundant ring_idxs_mem_t typedef
ad94e8a remove redundant counters_mem_t typedef
f9a4c40 remove not used typedef
c581cd1 use #else to merge two exclusive #ifdef's
18909d3 remove not used structure member
4c83440 add include guards for crypto_ctx.h
edeee8a remove redundant structure ctx
c93c234 fix Makefile to allow parallel make
e43b78e fix round-robin context allocation for RSA operations
f9beb49 remove unnecessary lock contention
31e004a add static qualifier for file-bound variables
bbba578 remove code for handling INTx and MSIx
7e04c32 remove unnecessary self-asignment
8f79b8c remove wt_cpu_mask variable definition from header file
d1a76fd cleanup: remove unnecessary "include"s
a6d3286 rename reserved identifiers
21cb055 rename source files to avoid confusions
8072597 use kernel API to count the cpus
bb2ddcd rename lock variable to match its purpose
e51e179 fix incorrect use of get_cpu() on debug_print
4a2d864 clear test_done flag inside check_test_done()
5432210 clarify function return value
7ef3b7a remove unused header inclusions
3119e2a move get_cpu_ticks definitions closer to their users
34bd796 remove unused 'flag' argument from callbacks
602db60 remove leftovers from Makefile
fff643f merge two related short functions
36e7aeb clarify debug print message
0908d09 rename function
a441393 rearrange code to remove forward declaration
9e303f3 clean-up formatting and remove dead code
509ce95 make sure side-effect ioreads are not optimized away
d2104ff read-back the last written LAW to guarantee LAWs visibility
f58b316 split boot procedure into independent functions
8543c2f decrement device count on device remove
d4e5650 fix CPU core reset sequence
90726f3 do only a CPU core reset when device is removed
ae4e740 execute device reset inside device remove function
ad65fdb remove rearrange_config function
b3d4633 remove redundant typedef resp_ring_entry_t
d025737 remove redundant rounding of ring lengths
5805ff8 remove unused priority queue code
bf6ee11 clarify the kernel patch procedure
2d19537 refactoring: use sg_cnt as index
c8ad184 clear ring lists before freeing ring memory
1969e0a consider all warnings as errors
d262686 clean-up Makefile
e445714 Revert "add parameters to help with cross-compilation"
0877954 use standard macros to identify the platform
ae1d33b move functions around to remove forward declarations
1318c36 remove unnecessary forward declarations
bc07560 fix pointer dereferencing after kfree
533ccd6 remove unreachable #ifdef 0 code
a03f89c remove strict_strtol macro
74f890d mark hanshake success inside handshake function
f9460fb remove unused macros
8313f5c refactoring: remove unnecessary code block
2c4f52c refactoring: extract function hs_init_rp_complete
2a2139a refactoring: extract function hs_fw_init_complete
563cf8c refactoring: extract function hs_firmware_up
5e26693 remove unnecessary Makefile variables
5de6d6d remove conditional code for non-powerpc platforms
528a89d remove no longer used code
5e65fa6 use portable definitions for big endian READ64/WRITE64
0a2b97d remove ASSIGN32 macro from the rest of files
2347c8d remove ASSIGN32 macro from rsa.c
e277959 remove ASSIGN32 macro from hash.c and symmetric.c
cde6406 remove ASSIGN32 macro from dsa.c
3f9613c remove ASSIGN32 macro from dh.c
e6d0ba2 remove all uses of ASSIGN16 macro
7ad9d6c remove all uses of ASSIGN8 macro
0a7f003 use portable constructs for all platforms
3cb5a4c remove more iowrite macros
6acb490 remove unnecessary wrapper over iowrite8
29cd4a0 remove remaining wrapper macros for PCI 32bit read/write
c3c895e use iowrite32b to write to PIC_PIR register
b8dd736 set a single workqueue for operations
367f105 remove unused members of per_core_struct_t
0e7324c remove unused tasklets related code
724dcd9 remove support for pre 2.6.19 kernels
ef22e13 refactoring: avoid redundant typecast to void *
ab04330 explain the choice of index for response ring
8bd4428 clarify the meaning of these assignments
6e0950a simplify calculation of handshake memory address
09d4f8e refactoring: use variable to avoid duplicated addition
886354a remove duplicated definitions of CACHE_LINE_SIZE
199efd0 fix calculation of outbound memory length
d8d918f clarify value of dev->tot_req_mem_size to avoid code review issues
0ab7a57 remove unnecessary "crypto_dev_config_t" type definition
1b029f8 move assignment out of the if condition
ba8fb48 remove unused initialization values
3fd6b86 remove unused "crypto_config_t" structure
fb7fc22 add note for enabling ECC
098edf9 explain what is going on during endpoint setup
a3cb153 fix value of TRGT field for PEX_PEXIWAR1
eb69306 refactoring: use kernel IO API to access device registers
476f25d minor clean-up in debug-prints
8555a14 remove unmaintained code
68cdc01 refactoring: remove short function
691e809 use upper case to refer to base address registers
19314aa remove one of two identical enum types
fc3e81a remove conditional padding of buffer_header struct
df81cc2 remove rarely used macros
151125f remove dead conditional code
f8b9a76 remove redundant #ifdef
c7b0ae0 merge conditional code blocks to ease their removal
47971d3 always link pkc.o when building the driver
df748c3 fix several compiler warnings with debug print enabled
128553a Merge pull request #11 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B47441/pkc-host:master to master
a2ae0f4 config device for proper module removal
185a2ef Merge pull request #10 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:master to master
1dcb2cc add build option to disable hmac algorithms
341f4d3 Merge pull request #9 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:hash_cleanup to master
255413f move hash init functions to hash.c
33be668 move virtio hash init functions to hash.c
d4f4aed make structure definition accessible from algs.h
a2bace7 remove compiler warnings about unused variables and labels
564feb6 remove debug-print compiler warnings
a6dd5d6 make the include tree more shallow
ed759f1 remove block of not-used macros
8daa0a6 replace unused debug-print switch
82001b1 remove dead/commented code
e58a21b Merge pull request #8 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:bugfix_QSDK-2327 to master
367235b add firmware fixes for board in PKC mode
6bf2320 Merge pull request #5 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:bugfix_hash_array_index to master
dc26e18 bound-check digest operation before array indexing
d596ccb clean-up exit logic in hash_cra_init
e4df9e0 remove dead code in algs_reg.h
9aa8c6f fix debug-print typo
7d9751b fix error-path clean-up for fsl_crypto_pci_probe
d52f083 refactoring: extract loop into fsl_request_irqs function
b467d27 refactoring: extract code-blocks into reusable functions
64dd967 cache the interrupt type for later
1ad35e9 fix isr_context memory deallocation
1130b94 save the actual requested irq number to free later
4526b47 use a single variable to remember the interrupt type
a972d1e refactoring: extract clean-up code into a function
48afa04 rename error code variable
4bb959e check for NULL pointers before dereferencing
ac2fc15 partial revert of c_buffers references to fix digest regression
6917577 fix incorrect buffer mem distribution
815942b dh.c: make variable declaration local to the code-block using it
6bd72b7 add comments requesting handshake clarifications
7be5358 refactoring: extract code block into send_hs_init_config() function
a7569d9 make num_of_rings uint8_t as in the rest of the code
c1adb61 fix 64bit compiler warning on printf type conversion
11a31e0 remove comments that duplicate code
296ac75 remove unnecessary NULL check for 'prev' pointer
9db737b remove cli binary from the package
c25fc89 merge prev and after pointers as they perform the same role
499e212 check for non-null pointer to continue rsa operation
897efd2 remove unnecessary initializations
186da4e sanitize function alloc_crypto_mem()
71dbe8b remove "retry alloc" feature
e9eba60 substitude macro with a local variable
15599db remove un-reachable code
0f20b53 fix memory deallocation on ecdsa_keygen_test
ddd3c5f snprintf to safer buffer boundaries
93d41be fix compiler warning: zero-length gnu_printf format string
d544973 minor clean-up of variable definitions in inner code-block
f4fa7f4 revert condition to decrease code indentation
44de183 return error if we see too many <ring> labels
16fc7ff use uint8_t to avoid explicit downcasts in assignments
7406811 comment unused code and leave it as a reminder
c6a3dca use uint8_t to hold values for 'struct buffer_header' flag field
360d092 rsa: return error if given an unsupported request type
dcfcc82 use u16 to hold values for offset in struct sec4_sg_entry
7689504 fix creation of circular list
7e9934b remove unreachable code
ad95665 return from callback if device config is not found
3c4fcd3 remove redundant initialization of 'loop'
86a3cca refactoring: extract common code in both branches of if statement
6b1e6cf init completion before enqueuing the operation
634b3f6 refactoring: use crypto_op_t to identify rng operations
6316fe8 fix test in if statement
ec1d529 initialize error code in case we have an incorrect no_secs value
1f766cb fix error checking in rng initialization logic
bc09c80 remove redundant initializations
885eee8 remove redundant temporary variable
83d01d3 use u16 type to hold msi/msix interrupt vector entries
533942f add explicit cast to avoid static code analysis issues
6083b6c check buffer boundaries in prepare_crypto_cfg_info_string()
d092710 sanitize parsing_test_command() function
9666743 fix clean-up path for fsl_crypto_layer_add_device
be74851 remove unnecessary variable
739b08e change function type from int32_t to void
d95aaa2 remove dummy code
6f32f94 check for buffer boundaries before copying
e495e63 use flag setters/getters to reduce code duplication
ad23ae5 add more utilities to get/set flag values
bcf3a1e refactoring: replace space indentation with tabs
be34550 use positive logic in #ifdef #else #endif blocks
7a36935 check for memory allocation errors on pool inits
d36c2dd move assignment inside the block where it is used

Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu at nxp.com>
Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo at nxp.com>
 recipes-kernel/pkc-host/pkc-host_git.bb | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/recipes-kernel/pkc-host/pkc-host_git.bb b/recipes-kernel/pkc-host/pkc-host_git.bb
index f7a62ed..c07f85a 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/pkc-host/pkc-host_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-kernel/pkc-host/pkc-host_git.bb
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ RDEPENDS_${PN} += "cryptodev-module bc"
 # if it is fixed.
-SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/pkc-host.git;nobranch=1"
-SRCREV = "564f535d596f43eb2901a7ff77bbe529a118c16e"
+SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/pkc-host.git;branch=sdk-v1.9.x"
+SRCREV = "26df0a3641abd77a3fd43c29b71115f8cc31d514"
 S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

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