[meta-freescale] Multiple bbappend files (in separate layers)

Bjørn Forsman bjorn.forsman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 23:46:58 PST 2016

On 8 January 2016 at 07:18, Prasant J <pj0585 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it possible to have multiple bbappend files?


> How can I include my bbappend file without any modification to the
> bbappend file in meta-fsl-bsp-release?

Just add your .bbappend file to your custom meta-layer.

If your file is not being picked up, maybe you forgot to add your
layer (bblayers.conf)?

> Any inputs will be of help!

Read the (mega) manual? (Sorry, don't have time to do lookup for you.)

Best regards,
Bjørn Forsman

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