[meta-freescale] QtWebEngine with Qt 5.4.2 and SMARC sAMX6i

Andreas Enbacka andreas.enbacka at gasera.fi
Mon Jan 4 04:30:43 PST 2016



I have been able to get Qt 5.4.2  to work with Yocto 1.8 and kernel 3.10.53
for Kontron SMARC  sAMX6i. In general, it seems to work quite well, however
I have issues with the QtWebEngine module. With QtWebKit I am able to get
web pages rendered to display, however when I tried to use QtWebEngine (both
using QtWebEngineWidgets and QML plugins) I only get a black screen instead
of the web content.  Does anyone have information whether QtWebEngine should
work ok or not with Qt 5.4.2, or is some particular configuration etc.


Best regards,

Andreas Enbacka


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