[meta-freescale] core-image-lsb vs core-image-cmdline-full

Dan Gundlach cyclist2918 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 20:21:34 PST 2015

I built and successfully booted core-image-cmdline-full, and now am trying
to boot core-image-lsb.  Init (sysvinit) is starting and creates /run/utmp,
but then either crashes or hangs.  The /sbin/init.sysvinit files are
different sizes in each rootfs, even though the machine configuration is
the same.  Why would that be?  The machine I built them for is
imx6qsabresd.  The DISTRO in conf/local.conf is 'poky' and 'poky-lsb'
respectively.  I currently have no way to hook up a serial console.
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