[meta-freescale] Advantech UBC-200

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Tue Feb 24 07:02:40 PST 2015

Hi Dan,

Le Tue, 24 Feb 2015 08:22:06 -0600,
Dan Gundlach <cyclist2918 at gmail.com> a écrit :
> It's based on the Freescale Sabre-SD.  Here's a link:
> http://www.advantech.com/products/DE3A2C28-AFBD-417D-BAD7-469CBEB34E37/UBC-200/mod_2D897381-E104-47D6-B458-F3B29546951B.aspx
from that page (and even the manual), it's difficult to say if it's
compatible with the SabreSD.

The common points are : i.MX6Q, DDR3, eMMC, GbEthernet, but :
- if i.MX6 Quad is mounted DDR3 is 2GB when 1GB on SabreSD,
- this doesn't tell if the ethernet PHY is the same as the one on the
- this doesn't tell if the peripherals are muxed on the same pins than
  on SabreSD.

So the chances to run the SabreSD kernel without any change on this
board are very small.

Best regards

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