[meta-freescale] Advantech UBC-200

Dan Gundlach cyclist2918 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 17:09:50 PST 2015

I'm trying to install dizzy to an Advantech UBC-200.  It's basically a
Sabre SD.

I tried building various images, but none of them would boot unless I used
the stock kernel (3.0.35) configuration, which I built using the Linaro
based BSP from Advantech.  I had to make a change to the kernel
configuration for udev-182, and was able to get it to start.  I had to
manually create the sdcard using the scripts from the BSP.  I'm using the
core-image-full-cmdline recipe.

It looks like everything is starting except for the network.  I'm not
getting a kernel message recognizing the network adapter.  I'm not even
getting an ip address on the lo device.  The new kernel works perfectly
when installed on the rescue image that I made using the BSP, so I'm
baffled as to what the problem is.
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