[meta-freescale] How to remove: WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_mylayer '^/media/NewVolume/yocto/meta-mylayer/'

Priya Agarwal priyaiitmandi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 00:14:15 PST 2015


I want to compile a c++ file(tcpserver.cpp) and build it along with my
kernel image. I am using QorIQ SDK1.4.

I created a new layer meta-mylayer in yocto/, wrote a simple recipe file,
and edited bblayers.conf and local.conf. But I am getting the following

WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_mylayer

What does this mean and how should I remove it?

The .bb file is in:

I have also attached it.

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