[meta-freescale] Please explain the logic on the MACHINEOVERRIDES ordering for meta-fsl-ppc:qoriq

Bob Cochran yocto at mindchasers.com
Wed Feb 11 09:20:35 PST 2015


For the past few months, I have patched out the way meta-fsl-ppc qoriq 
constructs MACHINEOVERRIDES because I don't see the logic in it.  It's 
my preference that the overrides I set for my specific machine (e.g., 
p1010rdb, t1040rdb, or custom-machine) are found over the default 
overrides in meta-fsl-ppc (e.g., init-ifupdown/qoriq-ppc/interfaces).

By default, if I set "p1010rdb" as the MACHINE in local.conf I get:


As you know, FILESPATH is in part built by using MACHINEOVERRIDES and 
the path is built working right to left, so a file in an e500v2 override 
is found before one under p1010rdb.

Shouldn't the more specific override be to the right?

I would think we want to produce the following:


If I'm wrong, please help me to understand why.

If there is agreement, then I would like to submit patches to change the 
meta-fsl-ppc conf files.



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