[meta-freescale] tmp/work-shared and sstate

Gary Thomas gary at mlbassoc.com
Tue Feb 10 09:28:29 PST 2015

If I run a build where the kernel package is brought in via
sstate, tmp/work-shared (in particular the kernel-source tree)
is not populated.  This will break at least these recipes:

These programs reference the kernel includes directly for some
ARM/i.MX specific headers (e.g. <linux/mxcfb.h>).  These headers
are not part of the mainline kernel which is used to create the
kernel headers that populates tmp/sysroots, so the build fails.
Note: I'm not sure of the mechanism that lets these programs
peek into the kernel build (I looked at them but nothing jumped
out), but they do build find if the kernel is actually built
and not just brought in by sstate.

Is this an error & if so, which recipe is at fault?  The FSL
recipes, or the new kernel build/classes?

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