[meta-freescale] linux-imx 3.10.17 can't build without CONFIG_SOC_IMX6SL selected.

Nikolay Dimitrov picmaster at mail.bg
Fri Feb 6 02:19:18 PST 2015

Hi Wally,

On 02/06/2015 11:33 AM, Wally Yeh wrote:
> Hi, guys:
>      Since my board is i.mx6Q sabresd. Only I wanna keep
> is CONFIG_SOC_IMX6Q, so I removed all other CONFIG_SOC_* .
>      But if I remove CONFIG_SOC_IMX6SL, linux-imx will never build
> successfully.
>      If this config is really necessary, shouldn't we just make
> CONFIG_SOC_IMX6SL always be selected with CONFIG_SOC_IMX6Q?

The config is needed, as there are hard-coded invocations of
mx6s-specific code in the kernel. If you remove the CONFIG_SOC_IMX6SL,
linkage will fail while looking for stuff like:


If you really insist on changing this, you can axe-hack all source
files which contain invocations of cpu_is_imx6sl(). Or, fix it and
submit a patch.

Probably you're right that it could have been implemented better, but
unless we improve it, that's what we have :D.

Kind regards,

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