[meta-freescale] QorIQ_SDK or Yocto Project with meta-fsl-arm

Thomas T thomasmailinglists9 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 02:46:27 PST 2015


I recently started to work with the QorIQ LS1021atwr development board. In
future I have to build a custom designed hardware, so I try to get as
familar as possible with the Yocto Project.

Until now I am still not sure if it is better to start with the QorIQ_SDK
or not. I tried to change the remote repository from git.freescale to
git.yoctoproject and recogniced a lot of changes that have to be merged. On
the other hand I tried to cleanup/remove the PPC stuff from the SDK but
then I had some dependency problems that I was not yet able to solve.

As I prefer fetch git-updates I plan to go on with the plain yocto project
and the meta-fsl-arm BSP. Are there any drawbacks that I might not realized
until now? I am thinking about the cross compile toolchain or similar stuff
but not the missing things like fsl-images. Because these tools are handled
by bitbake I am not familiar with the toolcahin right now.

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