[meta-freescale] imx-gpu-viv_5.0.11.p4.1-hfp: the apitrace utility links with X11 libraries

Prabhu.Sundararaj at freescale.com Prabhu.Sundararaj at freescale.com
Wed Feb 4 09:16:22 PST 2015

Currently the apitrace binaries part of the imx-gpu-vi package supports only for X11 backaned and for the other backends it is available in Freescale.com as tarball.
We are working on to bring support for all the backends in Yocto. 

May be you can change the recipe to be limit only for X11 now.

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Hello folks,

I've been running some tests on the packages part of the 3.10.53 GA release.

One of those tests was to build with different set of distro features.
While doing that (for a Framebuffer based distro) I noticed following

WARNING: QA Issue: imx-gpu-viv-tools-apitrace requires libX11.so.6, but no providers in its RDEPENDS [file-rdeps]

So basically the apitrace utility is linking with X11 libraries. It seems unexpected and I want to know how to deal with this.

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