[meta-freescale] help with linux-fslc 3.18.7 stops at "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel"

Nikolay Dimitrov picmaster at mail.bg
Wed Aug 5 12:15:25 PDT 2015

Hi Justin,

On 08/05/2015 06:37 PM, justin chaise wrote:
> Thanks Nikolay,
> It looks like that discussion was about a 'missing' dtb file, device
> tree therefor no terminal to display kernel bootup info.
> I use the command in u-boot to pass the blob location in sdram.
> bootz 0x40400000 - 0x40700000
> my boot arguments are
> bootargs=earlyprintk console=ttyAMA0,115200n8  mem=nopentium
> I dont think that the kernel ever gets to that point because it seem
> to lockup when the mmu is enabled.
> head.S - command
> mcr    p15, 0, r0, c1, c0, 0        @ write control reg

I'm not an assembly/MMU guru, but if this opcode is executed properly
on another imx233 board (like the Olinuxino), this could probably means
that the 8MB memory is too small? I've never worked on project with
such tight memory budget and can't confirm how easy is to get things
working there.

> To see what would happen I did comment out that line and the kernel
> continued on for a little while, finding the device tree blob.
> All of my debugging says that this line locks up the cpu.
> I don't believe that the kernel ever gets to the point of using the blob.
> Am I completely wrong here?

Hmm. Can you please check the kernels for Olinuxino boards (the
imx233-based ones) in Yocto and Buildroot:

Yocto, branch fido: linux-4.1
Buildroot, branch master: linux-3.18.2

If you have any of these boards handy (imx233-olinuxino-maxi, imx233-
olinuxino-mini, imx233-olinuxino-micro, imx233-olinuxino-nano) you can
build yocto/buildroot image and test whether it boots OK, and then you
can compare the DTs with yours (you can also compare the board
schematics if you need).

> I have not updated my code from linux-fslc since June (30 days old
> code) this year because it looks like a lot of changes are going on to
> up to linux 4.x.
> https://github.com/Freescale/linux-fslc.git
> https://github.com/Freescale/u-boot-fslc.git
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 8:41 AM, Nikolay Dimitrov <picmaster at mail.bg> wrote:
>> Hi Justin,
>> Please check this Yocto discussion from May 2015:
>> https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/meta-freescale/2015-May/013953.html
>> Regards,
>> Nikolay


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