[meta-freescale] Unable to compile Qt5 Application in Release Mode

Julien CARBONNIER julien.carbonnier at analogway.com
Wed Aug 5 02:24:58 PDT 2015


I'm on branch "imx-3.14.28-1.0.1_patch" an I cannot compile Qt 
Application in release mode.

I configure qtbase recipe like this :

PACKAGECONFIG_remove_mx6dl = "alsa pulseaudio tslib icu examples tests 
tools sql-ibase sql-mysql sql-psql sql-odbc sql-oci sql-tds sql-db2 
sql-sqlite2 sql-sqlite xinerama directfb openssl gtkstyle qtwebkit kms 
nis mitshm"
QT_CONFIG_FLAGS_append_mx6dl = " -no-qml-debug -no-compile-examples"

In my recipe application, I use a git repository and add depends to 
qtbase and to compile it I use "require recipes-qt/qt5/qt5.inc".

I have a problem with the size of my application because in build 
directory the binary size is ~90M.

I use an external toolchain with the source from qt and the rootfs of my 
machine and the binary size is ~5M.
When I deploy this application it works like a charm.

I searched for the flags -force-debug-info in qtbase configuration and I 
can't find where is set because I think that my application is in 
release mode with debug info.

Best regards,



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