[meta-freescale] default root password or password request

Matthias.Heise at atlas-elektronik.com Matthias.Heise at atlas-elektronik.com
Tue Nov 18 01:23:19 PST 2014

Hi Joe,

thank you very much, the part with the root password is working, also with a different password copied from shadow into the sed-line.
The new user however isn't even added to the users list, any idea what might be wrong/missing here ? 
The same line as in EXTRA_USER_PARAMS copied into the console works btw. so it must be something with the recipe ... 
The recipe looks like this now :

SUMMARY = "A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot."
#IMAGE_INSTALL = "packagegroup-core-boot packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh nano apt ${ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE_BOOTSTRAP} ${CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL}"
IMAGE_INSTALL += " packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh nano"



inherit core-image


inherit extrausers
EXTRA_USER_PARAMS = "useradd -p \$6\$53uYm/0Fnll\$Nc0RbHSvqRrd63Tw98TO3V1n25ORK9oR4QHqRIriXzLy0il/7.LIacX7mz7RJ1tdPIWiCJLNyQa7dKBNURqEg1 fstuser;"
ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "set_root_password;"
	sed 's%^root:[^:]*:%root:\$6\$eNiHN/Tv8Cjy\$KT/csSqGxk6skJaaE.oThNgBZN5sYXfwk6Wsc36nxye/rZJoObZBJcDe/0D4xBSm0oQLURk.1JeqQiUY/S4Xk1:%'\
	<${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow \
	mv ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow.new ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow;

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Did actually no one ever want to add a root password (or a new user WITH password) via recipe ?
Btw the command  "useradd -p password tester;" does not work on the console either so why should it in the .conf or recipe ;-) Although I read something like above in the examples, (with clear-text password) somewhere I also read that the password parameter expects the crypted password.
I tried setting one and then copied it from the /etc/shadow into the .conf but it didn't work either. Or is that the problem, that shadow is used here ?

These links might be of help:

The below example (placed at bottom of image recipe) will add a new user and set an encrypted password as well as add a password to root (which is root).  See the link above on how to get the encrypted password.  Be sure to escape the $'s.

inherit extrausers
EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "useradd -p 'encrypted password for newuser' newuser;"
ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "set_root_passwd;"
set_root_passwd() {
	sed 's%^root:[^:]*:%root:wYNffsf6sozwE:%' \
	< ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow \
	> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow.new;
	mv ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow.new ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/shadow ;

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