[meta-freescale] Qt5 + QtQuick2

Eric Nelson eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com
Thu Jan 30 06:40:11 PST 2014

Thanks Gary,

On 01/30/2014 06:50 AM, Gary Thomas wrote:
> On 2014-01-30 06:36, Eric Nelson wrote:
>> Thanks Otavio,
>> On 01/29/2014 09:50 PM, Otavio Salvador wrote:
>>> Hello Eric,
>>> On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 9:31 PM, Eric Nelson
>>> <eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com> wrote:
>>>> We have a customer looking to verify Qt5+Qt Quick2 on a
>>>> Nitrogen6x board using Yocto.
>>>> Can anyone confirm the ability to compile and run
>>>> the "Hello Qt-Quick2" sample app here?
>>>>          http://linode.boundarydevices.com/testQuick2.tar.gz
>>>> We haven't walked the steps, and are hoping to get some
>>>> feedback on any current issues before we do.
>>>> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
>>> I didn't test your example but Cinematic demo we used (for one
>>> customer here) is done in Quick and works very well.
>> This beats the heck out of "Hello, World"!
> I agree, it is impressive.  On my SabreLite board, I had to use
> this command sequence to run it and be able to use the touch panel:
>    Qt5_CinematicExperience -platform eglfs -plugin
> tslib:/dev/input/touchscreen0
Thanks for the tip.

> I also found it a little unstable, either the program or sometimes
> the whole system locked up after a while (variable time - once it
> was only 15 minutes, another time it ran for 36 hours...)

That's not good. The entire system locked up?

Did you get any kernel messages?

Please advise,


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