[meta-freescale] vivante_dri.so crash when binding attribute location

Filip Piechocki fpiechocki at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 09:38:50 PST 2013


I tried to use GLX on i.MX6 board (wandboard dual) but it crashes whenever
I use glBindAttribLocation() *before* glLinkProgram(). I've checked the
OpenGL docs and they say, that glBibdAttribLocation() takes effect when we
call glLinkProgram() so I understand that my call order is right (it works
with OpenGL ES2 on i.MX6 and with desktop OpenGL on my ubuntu PC). Changing
the order seems to make it work, but I consider it a bug, as we have to use
it in direct opposite way than it states in docs. The crash itself is in
vivante_dri.so in glChipBindAttributeLocation() and it seems there is some
null pointer.

Does anybody can confirm it is a bug?

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