[meta-freescale] OpenCV OCL module Support on IMX6q

Fikret Alim fikret.alim at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 04:25:25 PST 2013

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for your answer. The header is installed inside sysroot folder.

Actually, our purpose here is to use the GPU for some image/video
processing tasks. We have tested OpenCV on IMX.6q, but for some algorithms,
GPU usage will increase the performance. But, unfortunately, I couldn't
find easy way to use the GPU. That's why I asked for OCL module.

Can I find some image processing examples created with OpenCL for IMX6? I
searched from the web, but I couldn't find anything except hello world

Best Regards,
On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 6:05 PM, Sébastien Taylor <me at staylor.ca> wrote:

> It is not supported no, as you mentioned it would require full profile and
> even then generally requires a pretty beefy GPU as well.  Is the header
> installed into the sysroot or just part of the sources?  You should be able
> to compile the OpenCL support as I’m not aware of host side differences
> between FP/EP but at run-time the kernels will fail to run and possibly
> fail to compile as well.
>   On Nov 28, 2013, at 6:56 AM, Fikret Alim <fikret.alim at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Hello,
> Does IMX6Q support OCL module of OpenCV for GPU programming? I have found
> ocl header insider opencv2/nonfree/ocl.hpp, but the ocl.hpp here includes
> opencv2/ocl/ocl.hpp which does not exist. There is no OCL folder inside
> opencv2 folder.
> Is it supported? If yes, do I need to download from anywhere?
> In the link below, it is mentioned that OpenCL version should be larger
> than 1.1 with FULL PROFILE in order to use OCL module. As far as I know,
> IMX6Q supports OpenCL 1.1 with Embedded Profile. It should not be supported
> according to the documentation, but I am confused for seeing ocl.hpp under
> nonfree folder.
> OpenCL Module Introduction — OpenCV documentation<http://docs.opencv.org/modules/ocl/doc/introduction.html>
> Thanks&Best Regards,
> Fikret
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