[meta-freescale] Error 0x300b in Qt5 applications with EGLFS

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Thu Nov 21 00:07:42 PST 2013

Hi Sébastien,

Le Wed, 20 Nov 2013 17:34:15 -0700,
Sébastien Taylor <me at staylor.ca> a écrit :

> Could anyone comment on that has actually been tested and is expected to work in regards to Qt5 on i.MX6 Yocto?  X11 is said to be untested and causes compilation issues (eglvivante.h includes X.h whose #define None 0L breaks qurl.h).  Framebuffer doesn’t appear supported as this thread demonstrates, same issue on Nitrogen6X as well so not isolated to Wandboard.
> Should we be trying DirectFB or Wayland?  Maybe someone who’s gotten this working could specify which version and configuration was used for testing?  
> There’s quite a few of these threads and they all seem to die without any solutions.
as said before : this was working in september just before dora went
"stable" with framebuffer (so no x11 in DISTRO flags).


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