[meta-freescale] Yocto and toolchain

Alberto Liberal de los Rios aliberal at arroweurope.com
Mon Nov 4 22:59:13 PST 2013


I would be really grateful if someone from your technical group could help me with this doubt that will not let me sleep :)

I am working with the IMX6 Sabre board and i have some doubts about Yocto toolchain and sysroot management. When i run bitbake to compile an application where yocto takes the libs that can be needed by the application?. Is there a location where i can check the sysroot used by bitbake?

Is the sysroot used by bitbake the same that is used with the toolchain installed with bitbake meta-toolchain?

There is also a temporary dir in tmp/sysroots with shared header files and libraries. Does this directory contains all the libs and headers used during all the applications being compiled or just the used in the last compiled application? is this the first place used for bitbake to look for libs? could exist some conflict if i am adding the -L flag to compile an application to search the libs in any specific location and that lib match with the libs in the tmp/sysroots directory? When I compile using meta-toolchain where I take the libs? Are the libs added to the tmp dir?

Sorry to ask so many questions but i have a mess with sysroot used with Yocto by default

Thanks in advance
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