[meta-freescale] Build a gstreamer application with yocto for imx6 Wandboard

br jer brjerome.1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 20:16:32 PST 2013

I am using the "master" branch of Yocto.  I have a gstreamer application
that is compiled and tested on Ubuntu.  I have a Makefile for this
application.  The Yocto build I use fsl-image-test and added a few plugins
in my conf.local.  I have tested all the plugins/pipeline that is needed
for this app with gst-launch.

I just want to run a quick test of the code on the wandboard,  what is the
fastest way to do a make and produce a executable ?  I looked at the Yocto
manual and it seems that it calls for creating a recipe etc.  Is there a
simple template that I can use?

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