[meta-freescale] Overriding linux-imx kernel defconfig

Janis Coders janis.coders at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 06:00:33 PDT 2013

Hi, I have a question regarding linux-imx defconfig overriding.
In 1.4 when overraiding linux-imx kernel recipe, I could add my cusom  
defconfig under linux-imx subdirectory and it was the priority, but now 
in 1.5 the priority goes to meta-fsl-arm layers kernel recipe.
If I move my defconfig under linux-imx/mx5/ then priority goes to my 
layer. In log files do_unpack I see that the order has changed (1.4 -> 
1.5) traversing directories.
Is this traversing change related to new 1.5 yocto version (bitbake?), 
or it is changed somewhere in freescale community recipes?

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