[meta-freescale] Vivante OpenCL Examples Source

Sébastien Taylor me at staylor.ca
Thu May 30 22:34:58 PDT 2013

Running the same code under the LTIB BSP I am getting the compiler errors so this is specific to the version in Yocto 1.4.  I'll dig more to see library version differences.

In terms of the error, it was complaining about the const sampler_t outside the function.

On 2013-05-30, at 9:10 PM, Sébastien Taylor <me at staylor.ca> wrote:

> I am unable to find the source code for the Vivante SDK OpenCL samples.  I am having issues with the most basic of kernels failing to build with the error CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE and clGetProgramBuildInfo with CL_PROGRAM_BUILD_LOG is returning an empty string.  I have tested this code against the Mac OpenCL Framework and it works correctly, to my knowledge I am not using any unsupported features for the Embedded Profile.  Are there any known issues with the Vivante CL compiler completely failing to return error logs?  I've included the basic .cl which is failing to compile.
> __kernel void copy(__read_only image2d_t sourceImage,
>                   __write_only image2d_t targetImage,
>                   const uint width, const uint height)
> {
>    const uint gx = get_global_id(0);
>    const uint gy = get_global_id(1);
>    if (gx >= width || gy >= height)
>        return;
>    int2 imageuv = (int2)(gx, gy);
>    float4 pixel = read_imagef(sourceImage, sampler, imageuv);
>    write_imagef(targetImage, imageuv, pixel);
> }

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