[meta-freescale] several questions about yocto on sabrelite

Thanassis Silis djnass_18 at hotmail.com
Thu May 30 05:15:51 PDT 2013

Hello everyone, 
I am fiddling around with yocto on sabrelite.
I seem to have generated softfp images for my imx6 sabrelite board .
I also generated an adt-installer and a toolchain using the application developer guide. 
A few questions have risen:

I sourced <yocto_root>/setup_environment and then configured <yocto_root>/build/conf/local.conf in order to bitbake the image 'fsl-image-gui'. Then, to make the adt-installer and the meta-toolchain, I sourced <yocto_root>/sources/poky/oe_init_buildenv and configured the  <yocto_root>/sources/poky/build/conf/local.conf.

So now I have 2 different 'build' directories. My question is, do I need these 2 to be separate? 
I noticed in the image's build dir, I assign the $machine variable to be 'imx6qsabrelite', whereas in the adt & toolchain case the $machine is 'qemuarm' . I don't know if I could fuse the 2 local.conf files.

Concerning the adt-installer: if I download the git repo and use that to build full images for my sabrelite board, do I need to build the adt-installer as well? To my understanding, the adt will download packages all over again for the $MACHINE and YOCTO_ROOTFS_$arch you specify. I presume I don't need that if I have already bitbaked 'fsl-image-test'.

Also, say I use 1 pc to generate the images and the toolchain. Then can I just copy the images and the meta-toolchain to another pc and expect to do the development there?

Finally, I need to generate a rootfs based on hard floating point and generally using all the acceleration I can get. So I started looking in the "meta-fsl-arm" subdirs for sabrelite's config file. In fact I was looking for something of the order "-mcpu=cortex-a9 -mtune=cortex-a9 -march=armv7-a -mfloat-abi=softfp -mfpu=neon" so that I could tweak some of these values and recreate the images, the meta-toolchain and the adt-installer too (perhaps, see above Q). 
Looking around led me to <yocto_root>/sources/meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine/imx6qsabrelite.conf 
I checked out its "include" directives - especially the file <yocto_root>/sources/poky/meta/conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa9.inc . 
There seem to be some relevant features in this file and $DEFAULTTUNE is set to "cortexa9-neon", which is exactly a "softfp with neon extensions configured" gcc.
The question is , if I want the sabrelite to bitbake a "hard" image should I change $DEFAULTTUNE? and what is the difference between "cortexa9hf" & "cortexa9thf"?
Or should I set this value somewhere else altogether?

Thank you very much for your help.

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