[meta-freescale] [PATCH v4 3/3] amd-gpu-bin-mx51: new recipe

Javier Viguera javier.viguera at digi.com
Thu May 30 05:02:33 PDT 2013

Hi Eric,

On 30/05/13 12:29, Eric Bénard wrote:
> This raise an other problem :
> - when x11 is not in DISTRO_FEATURES, we shouldn't have the x11-bin
> package.

Well, this probably is solved by something like:

COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'x11', '(mx5)', 'Invalid!', d)}"

If x11 is not in DISTRO_FEATURES, then COMPATIBLE_MACHINE becomes
'Invalid!' and that does not match your machine (unless you have a
machine named "Invalid!" :-) )

> - when x11 is in DISTRO_FEATURES, we could have the non x11 package
> as nothing prevents users to have x11 in their distro features _and_ to
> build non x11 images : how to handle that (same problem in the mx6 gpu
> package) ?

Agree with you that this is a real problem, but unfortunately my
yocto skills are not good enough to know how to solve it. Hopefully
someone in the list will shed some light.

Javier Viguera
Software Engineer
Digi International® Spain S.A.U.

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