[meta-freescale] Vivante X11 tests

Diego Rondini diego.rondini at kynetics.it
Tue May 28 06:23:03 PDT 2013

> Well, I believe the OpenGL ES for X11 is still not working in Yocto,
> though that in the lasted bsp 4.0.0 has worked now. So the samples are
> likely won't work.
> If you are in a hurry you can copy from the bsp and plot it to Yocto.

Hi Silas,

I've tried even the route of slapping 4.0.0 BSP binaries over Yocto (the same 
kernel source, same Xorg version, same xorg binary drivers, same Vivante 
binaries) as Ubuntu 11.10 provided by Freescale but that didn't work. The 
result was still the same: blank windows.

What's interesting is that doing an "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" on 
Freescale's Ubuntu causes a quite similar issue (blank window).

The only option I've found at the moment to have a working Vivante X11 
acceleration is stock Freescale Ubuntu BSP 4.0.0.

Any other experiences with Vivante GPU?


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