[meta-freescale] System-80 Asynchronous 16-bit parallel interface for LCD on iMX6

Ashwin Kirpalani akcooper8 at gmail.com
Sat May 25 07:27:17 PDT 2013

This has been posted on imx-community but I figured I'd ask here as well:

According to the post above and the imx6Q/D reference manual, the timing
and polarity of the system-80 (also known as the MCU interface) are
programmable. I did find a section in the imx6Q/D reference manual that
talks a little bit more about the Display Interface (DI) in asynchronous
mode: sec * Waveform settings for asynchronous interface pins*

Yet, its a mystery to me how to use the information here to translate that
into driver code for lcd with mcu interface (i.e. with RS, WRn, RDn, CS and
D0-D15 pins: here is a typical lcd with MCU interface:

Has anyone come across the need for this with imx6? Thanks
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