[meta-freescale] =?utf-8?Q?=E5=9B=9E=E5=A4=8D=EF=BC=9A_?=can not display cursor when moving to DirectFB surface

jojo rjiejie at gmail.com
Fri May 17 09:08:22 PDT 2013

Du to "Linux_6DQ_RM_L3.0.35_1.1.0.pdf" about DirectFB's information, i try to test some features about accelerated,

if i use all features like following, the cursor of DirectFB will disappear.


But if i close the feature "none" of "blit" option, the cursor will return, i think the feature "none" is the root issue about cursor.

the feature "none" means "copy from src to dst" ?

if it just means "no feature" like in the "Linux_6DQ_RM_L3.0.35_1.1.0.pdf" mentioned , why default configuration of HW acceleration includes this ?

Is it the bug ?


- Jojo

在 2013年5月15日星期三,下午6:07,jojo 写道:

> Hi,  
> It's normal to display cursor when i disable HW acceleration of DirecFB,
> in the HW acceleration case, when i move the cursor to the DFB surface, it disappear.
> It''s a bug ? Maybe cursor need to be HW accelerated also ?  
> I use the GTK+(v2.24.15) top on DirectFB(v1.4.0).  
> Thanks,
> - Jojo

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