[meta-freescale] Freescale BSP 4.0.0 (new release)

Diego diego.ml at zoho.com
Thu May 16 09:10:33 PDT 2013

Hi everybody!

Aside from funky release versioning (12.09.01, then 1.1.0, now 4.0.0) 
Freescale released a new BSP.

I'm trying their Ubuntu Oneiric and 3D on X11 is looking fine to me (Mesa's 
es2gears and simple stuff like that). Also I'm not experiencing some 2D 
graphics glitches I used to see with 1.1.0 Vivante driver, so it might be a 
good upgrade for Yocto (I hope). One bad thing is that X is still at version 
1.10, so I think aligning to 1.14 will not be possible.

If I can help with any upgrade task let me know.


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