[meta-freescale] [RFT] New U-Boot patches for testing

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Wed May 8 10:43:42 PDT 2013


I did collect some bug fixes in a new branch (patches-2013.04-next) in

The backported patches are bugfixes and it does greatly improves MX23
stability and also fix some reboot issues in MX6. I'd like to send a
patch to include it in master and then backport it to dylan.

Please take a look in the patches and shout if you think something
should be dropped/added.

The shortlog of the backported patches is:

Fabio Estevam (12):
      mx23: Put back RAM voltage level to its original value
      mx23: Fix pad voltage selection bit
      mx23evk: Fix DDR pin iomux settings
      mx23_olinuxino: Fix DDR pin iomux settings
      mxs: spl_mem_init: Fix comment about start bit
      mxs: spl_mem_init: Remove erroneous DDR setting
      mxs: spl_mem_init: Skip the initialization of some DRAM_CTL registers
      mxs: spl_mem_init: Change EMI port priority
      mx23: Operate DDR voltage supply at 2.5V
      mx23evk: Do not set voltage selection bit for SSP pads
      mx23_olinuxino: Do not set voltage selection bit for SSP pads
      mxs: Explain why some mx23 DDR registers are not configured

Marek Vasut (1):
      arm: mx23: Fix VDDMEM misconfiguration

Philip Paeps (1):
      mx35 iomux: correct offsets of IOMUX registers

Shawn Guo (1):
      ARM: mx6: define CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_742230


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