[meta-freescale] MX28 SD card image with imx-bootlets

Jeff Horn jeff at everlook.net
Tue May 7 14:47:54 PDT 2013


I have a mx28 based custom board that we are currently using Ptxdist to
build our BSP.  I'm in the process of migrating to Yocto and all is going
well.  I am stuck on the SD card generation.  We have made some changes to
the bootlets so I am using that code base instead of u-boot which is the
default for the mx28evk.  I have the bootlets building fine but the
generated SD card image does not boot.  I copied the generated
machine.sband compressed root file system from the yocto build and
used the FSL
provided mk_mx28_sd script and that card boots fine.  So, I am confident
the bootlets and kernel are building correctly.  We are using a HAB enabled
boot stream and I have the correct linux_ivt.bd file in the build.

The SD card generation in the image_types _fsl.bbclass is created with a
different SD card geometry than what is created by the mk_mx28_sd script.
 Could that be the issue?  Is anyone using the imx-bootlets for a mx28
based board?

I'll continue to look over card generation but thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Jeff Horn
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