[meta-freescale] configuring gstreamer base package

Richard Cagley rcagley at toyon.com
Mon May 6 19:49:39 PDT 2013

Base package is included...just not the videotestsrc plugin. How do I configure the base package to include this particular plugin?


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I am using the gstreamer base plugin in "danny" with demo image fsl-image-gui also,

add "gst-plugins-base" into $IMAGE_INSTALL, it looks like following:

IMAGE_INSTALL += "gst-plugins-base"

- Jojo

在 2013-5-7,上午1:53,Richard Cagley <rcagley at toyon.com> 写道:

	I've been able to build/deploy yocto for the i.mx6 nitrogren6x board.
	The videotestsrc gstreamer plugin isn't built/installed.
	How do I configure the gstreamer base package in yocto to include this
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