[meta-freescale] [meta-fsl-arm][PATCH] linux-fslc: Update to 20130317 patches-3.8's snapshot

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Mon Mar 18 12:19:34 PDT 2013

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:49 PM, Otavio Salvador
<otavio at ossystems.com.br> wrote:
> This includes v3.8.3 merge plus a patch from Marek Vasut
> <marex at denx.de> to fix a offset issue in i.MX23 and i.MX28 framebuffer
> when using X11.
> For more information about the patch please check:
> http://marc.info/?l=linux-arm-kernel&m=136347162303597&w=2
> Change-Id: Idffd634eb037051659e38b3727becffa47b078c7
> Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio at ossystems.com.br>

I applied a patch most equal to this but using one more commit of the
branch to fix  a build failure. This has been built tested by me and
runtime tested by Fabio.

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