[meta-freescale] Method to install firmware blobs into kernel source tree prior to kernel compile

John Weber rjohnweber at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 21:11:56 PDT 2013

I have a need to build firmware blobs into the kernel because of problems with 
udev in poky master.

I would like to write a kernel recipe which will draw from linux-firmware and 
pull specific firmware files into the kernel source tree before the compile step.

I was thinking that I would make the kernel recipe depend on 
linux-firmware-<package>.  This device would be one of the packages specified in 
the linux-firmware recipe.  In the do_configure_prepend_<MACHINE>() function I 
would then copy/install the blobs from the destination directory into to the 
kernels source tree in the right place.  Of course, that would only run for a 
specific machine.

Does this sound plausible?  Is there a better way of doing it?  If I could make 
this work and submitted it, would it acceptable?  If not, then I'll make my life 
simple by just creating a local copy of the firmware files and a private recipe 
for installing them.


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