[meta-freescale] Please review the proposal of FSL Yocto layers reorg

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Fri Mar 1 08:43:29 PST 2013

On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Wang Larry-B38019 <B38019 at freescale.com> wrote:
> About meta-fsl-arm vs meta-fsl-imx/meta-fsl-vybrid, the reason we prefer the second one is i.MX and Vybrid are so different.  They have different IP blocks, different device drivers in kernel, different interface libs in user space, different SW development/release schedules, different customers.  For that sense, this "ARM" is NOT that "ARM", just like i.MX ARM is not OMAP ARM.  Separating them is more flexible for us, and less confusion for our customers.

I understand i.MX and Vybrid is different however this is not uncommon
in different layers. Texas Instruments does exactly this and have
different OMAP and SoC versions in same meta-ti layer so it is quite
easy to user to know where to look at when looking for a SoC support.
Intel also does the same supporting Atom (< D2xxx and newer) in same
BSP. We also does this supporting i.MXS, i.MX5 and i.MX6 in same BSP
and all those are quite different from BSP point of view.

Technically I see no reason why to split the layer in several
sub-layers and it is more confusing for customers in my point of view
as someone looking for a SoC support will end up to figure out the
market name of it before finding out where to look for the BSP. This
split may be important, or not, depending how Freescale intend to
release the SDK (which will have the BSPs on it).

In case all BSP are in sync with Yocto GIT and no internal forks are
used, it might be good to have the split as each SoC might have
different responsable team (even though I still believe it all needs
to be tested together to ensure it all work fine in this case) however
if the SDK will use internal forks and have a not synchronized release
with Yocto so it is less important as Freescale will be able to merge
the public and community driven BSP at any time and use it as base for
next release.

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