[meta-freescale] Regarding GStreamer-1.x status on iMX6Q

Joshua Kurland joshua.kurland at adtecdigital.net
Tue Dec 10 11:15:49 PST 2013

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Carlos Rafael Giani
<dv at pseudoterminal.org>wrote:

> On 2013-12-10 19:52, Joshua Kurland wrote:
>> I think the problem I am having is because of the X11 requirement.
>>  Without it, running a simple pipeline using eglvivsink immediately
>> crashes.  Is it possible to run without X?  I don't currently use it on my
>> system.  I will have to try again with X running on a new build later
>> today, but until I get that working would you mind if I ask you a few more
>> questions?
> Not yet. It is on my list. For the time being, you can try out imxipusink
> instead. Please note that this sink has one known problem (due to an IPU
> limitation) and does not work well together with X11 (both render to the
> framebuffer). But for testing and debugging purposes, it should work fine.
> Great, I will give imxipusink a try.  I am on the Wandboard-Quad, so I
want to confirm that my problems are with X11 and not something deeper.

>  1.)  The project I have been working on made use of the multi overlay
>> support from mfw_isink.  Specifically it was used for overlaying static
>> jpeg images on top of a playing video.  Will this or something like it be
>> possible using eglvivsink?
> How exactly did you use this? I am not that familiar with this feature.
> mfw_isink is similar to imxipusink though, so I suppose it could work.
> This document has some information about multioverlay
https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-93788.  Essentially it allows
multiple isink elements to be created at the same time.  To use it with a
jpeg, link the jpeg source with the jpegdec element, imagefreeze and

>  2.)  When I was using mfw_isink, I noticed that their was a five second
>> buffer time between two consecutive pipelines.  What kind of delays can be
>> expected from eglvivsink?  On my x86_64 development desktop with
>> gstreamer-1.0.8 I am able to use features in playbin to seamlessly play
>> files back to back by changing the source URI.  Would this be possible
>> using the new framework?
> Five seconds? Hm, thats not what I saw. I didn't run such tests yet, but I
> suspect the buffer time should be shorter. Seamless playback should also
> work. Did this only happen with mfw_isink ? Note that playbin itself also
> has several buffers and queues, which have nothing to do with the sink you
> use.
> Yep, I had five seconds regardless of the video quality, overlays, etc.
 It was only with mfw_isink, mfw_v4lsink had a short delay of less than a
second without me having to do anything to it.

> Also, be careful about interlaced video. While the IPU can deinterlace -
> and it is strongly recommended to do so instead of deinterlacing in
> software, at least for real-time playback - playbin currently has the
> software deinterlacer hardcoded. I talked with GStreamer developers about
> this, and they are thinking about a way to plug in custom deinterlacers,
> color space converters etc. For now, I have an idea I didnt have the chance
> to test yet if you use eglvivsink: specify "imxipuvideotransform !
> eglvivsink" . If you use the imxipusink instead, you don't have to do any
> of this, because the deinterlacing is included.

Thanks for the heads up on that one!

> cheers
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