[meta-freescale] Regarding GStreamer-1.x status on iMX6Q

Carlos Rafael Giani dv at pseudoterminal.org
Tue Dec 10 11:01:42 PST 2013

On 2013-12-10 19:52, Joshua Kurland wrote:
> I think the problem I am having is because of the X11 requirement. 
>  Without it, running a simple pipeline using eglvivsink immediately 
> crashes.  Is it possible to run without X?  I don't currently use it 
> on my system.  I will have to try again with X running on a new build 
> later today, but until I get that working would you mind if I ask you 
> a few more questions?

Not yet. It is on my list. For the time being, you can try out 
imxipusink instead. Please note that this sink has one known problem 
(due to an IPU limitation) and does not work well together with X11 
(both render to the framebuffer). But for testing and debugging 
purposes, it should work fine.

> 1.)  The project I have been working on made use of the multi overlay 
> support from mfw_isink.  Specifically it was used for overlaying 
> static jpeg images on top of a playing video.  Will this or something 
> like it be possible using eglvivsink?

How exactly did you use this? I am not that familiar with this feature. 
mfw_isink is similar to imxipusink though, so I suppose it could work.

> 2.)  When I was using mfw_isink, I noticed that their was a five 
> second buffer time between two consecutive pipelines.  What kind of 
> delays can be expected from eglvivsink?  On my x86_64 development 
> desktop with gstreamer-1.0.8 I am able to use features in playbin to 
> seamlessly play files back to back by changing the source URI.  Would 
> this be possible using the new framework?

Five seconds? Hm, thats not what I saw. I didn't run such tests yet, but 
I suspect the buffer time should be shorter. Seamless playback should 
also work. Did this only happen with mfw_isink ? Note that playbin 
itself also has several buffers and queues, which have nothing to do 
with the sink you use.

Also, be careful about interlaced video. While the IPU can deinterlace - 
and it is strongly recommended to do so instead of deinterlacing in 
software, at least for real-time playback - playbin currently has the 
software deinterlacer hardcoded. I talked with GStreamer developers 
about this, and they are thinking about a way to plug in custom 
deinterlacers, color space converters etc. For now, I have an idea I 
didnt have the chance to test yet if you use eglvivsink: specify 
"imxipuvideotransform ! eglvivsink" . If you use the imxipusink instead, 
you don't have to do any of this, because the deinterlacing is included.


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