[meta-freescale] i.MX6q Boot failure using MACHINE=nitrogen6x

Eric Nelson eric.nelson at boundarydevices.com
Tue Dec 3 06:48:55 PST 2013

Hi Tarek,

On 12/03/2013 05:43 AM, Tarek El-Sherbiny wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Thank you very much for the patch. With the new kernel I don't see the
> bouncing on HDMI problem.
> I am using HDMI to DVI cable to test 1080 as I don't have 1080 HDMI monitor.
> With the new kernel Linux does not drive the DVI monitor at all. I
> switched to 720 HDMI monitor and now there is output signal but I get
> horizontal scrolling lines across the screen!
> I don't see this problem with u-boot or Freescale kernel.
> Have you seen this problem before?

Can you forward the output from /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes and
/sys/class/graphics/fb0/mode from each of these displays?

It's possible that we're blocking some of the modes because they
don't support audio:

We added a driver parameter to the mxc_hdmi driver to force
the use of CEA modes. You can override it with this kernel
command-line parameter.

If you're running a recent U-Boot, you can also get a list
of supported modes from your monitor using these two
	U-Boot > i2c dev 1
	U-Boot > i2c edid

Please advise,


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