[meta-freescale] problem building linux-qoriq-sdk-headers in meta-fsl-ppc master branch

Bob Cochran yocto at mindchasers.com
Tue Nov 27 16:52:07 PST 2012


While using the poky master branch and the meta-fsl-ppc master branch, I 
experienced build errors while baking  linux-qoriq-sdk-headers.  The 
build reported an error that the two patch files, which are specified in 
linux-qoriq-sdk.inc, couldn't be fetched.

The two patch files are currently found in 

As a workaround, I created a subdirectory called files and moved the 
patches there.  It then built without further errors.

Do I have a path problem, or was it just wrong to have the patches at 
the same directory level as the recipes?



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