[meta-freescale] QorIQ SDKV1.3: bitbake chokes on parsing package.bbclass...

Bob Cochran yocto at mindchasers.com
Mon Dec 24 07:28:22 PST 2012

On 12/24/2012 01:58 AM, Luo Zhenhua-B19537 wrote:
> Bob,
> Have you met the parse error when building default rootfs images? I guess this issue only happens on your customized recipe, right?

Hi Zhenhua,

I only tried two things after installing sdkv1.3:  bitbake 
core-image-minimal (no build problems) and bitbake <my-custom-image> 
(had the parse problem with package.bbclass)

I'm wondering why you bother bundling poky with your SDK. Why not just 
release the meta-fsl-* layers and point the user to which poky branch & 
tag you tested against?  If this was the case, then I would just need to 
fast forward the poky branch to pick up patches.

I continue to be confused why FSL maintains two repos for meta-fsl-ppc. 
  The one on git.freescale.com is obviously ahead, but the one on yocto 
does have some recent, selective patches.

As a SW developer for QorIQ, it would be my preference that the yocto 
(BSP) repositories for meta-fsl-* were just a mirror of 
git.freescale.com and Freescale wouldn't bother to maintain a separate 
poky repo (just patch the one on yocto / OE and reference it).

Wouldn't this be easier for everyone?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

This SDK has been verified on typical Linux distros(Ubuntu, Redhat, 
Fedora, CentOS, openSUSE) with Python 2.6/2.7.
> BTW, what's the Linux distro and python version on your machine?

FYI: I use Ubuntu 12.04.1, and Python 2.7.3



> Best Regards,
> Zhenhua
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>> Hello,
>> Just started working with yocto sdkv1.3 tonight, which I downloaded from
>> FSL web site.  I'm working with p1010rdb, and I tried to bake some custom
>> recipes.
>> parse_python() inside codeparser.py errors (IndentationError: unexpected
>> indent) when it tries to parse python function populate_packages inside
>> package.bbclass.
>> It looks like it is choking on the tabs inside populate_packages().
>> FYI: package.bbclass was patched on yocto's poky master branch on 7/11 to
>> convert tabs into 4 spaces (commit:
>> bfd279de3275abbfaf3e630383ec244131e0375f).
>> Looking at FSL's poky.git on git.freescale.com, it appears that this
>> patch wasn't picked up.
>> Bob
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