[linux-yocto] [PATCH] ARC: Add nsimhs- and hsdk-standard configs

Alexey Brodkin alexey.brodkin at synopsys.com
Fri Feb 8 07:29:31 PST 2019

Hi Bruce,

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> On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 9:29 AM Alexey Brodkin
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> >
> > With ARC support ramping-up in upstream OE we're ready to
> > build more complicated distributions and linux-yocto is
> > a nice and configurable base for that.
> >
> > This commit adds support of 1 simulated board (nSIM) and
> > the mast affordable and powerful to date development board (HSDK).
> >
> > Once Qemu port for ARC is functional (it's being actively developed now)
> > we'll switch from nSIM to Qemu.
> >
> > Still it would be really good to keep nSIM support in linux-yocto for now
> > as it allows for simpler testing as compared to real HW.
> Looks good to me, the configs make sense and are clean.
> I'd put this on master so it would be available for the 5.x -dev
> kernel (and then any
> future versions I release). If you want to test it on other versions
> (i.e. 4.19), let me
> know and I can put it there as well.

Well I prepared those based on 4.19 branch so I know it works there.

Now given 4.19 is the most recent LTS kernel is there a sense in adding these
configs in 4.19 or OE/Yocto-wise 4.19 is no different than any other version?

Given linux-yocto might be a base for many different projects I'd like to make
sure ARC boards are available there so there will be an easy way to build and
run basic stuff.


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