[linux-yocto] Not able to use apt-get command

Bruce Ashfield bruce.ashfield at windriver.com
Tue May 15 07:26:15 PDT 2018

I'd suggest by starting with the yocto documentation. The mega manual
found on the yocto project website has a lot of getting started information.

Also, this list is typically for kernel related issues, for general
questions there are several other mailing lists. You can find the
list on the yocto website.



On 05/15/2018 09:20 AM, Pavan Kumar wrote:
> Hi
> I am working on i.MX6 based board here I am using Yocto but here I am 
> not able to find any command to install packages
> how to install packages in yocto ?
> and I didn't find any gcc compiler to build any c file on board
> so please help me out my problem I am new  to yocto
> Thank you
> Regards
> Pavan

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