[linux-yocto] v4.18.x - stable updates comprising v4.18.22

Paul Gortmaker paul.gortmaker at windriver.com
Sun Dec 16 19:29:52 PST 2018

Bruce, Yocto kernel folks:

Here is the next 4.18.x stable update "extension" primarily created
for the Yocto project, continuing from the previous v4.18.21 release.

There are about 250 commits here, based on commits chosen from what
was used in existing 4.19.6 to 4.19.8 stable releases.

And it wouldn't be a proper release if there weren't over two dozen
commits related to the spectre variant of the week, so we have that
in this batch as part of the above.

I've put this 4.18.x queue through the usual testing; build testing
on x86-64/32, ARM-64/32, PPC and MIPS, plus some static analysis
and finally some sanity runtime tests on x86-64.

I did the signed tag just as per the previously released 4.18.21.

Please find a signed v4.18.22 tag using this key:


in the repo in the kernel.org directory here:


for merge to standard/base in linux-yocto-4.18 and then out from there
into the other base and BSP branches.

For those who are interested, the evolution of the commits is here:


This repo isn't needed for anything; it just exists for transparency and
so people can see the evolution of the raw commits that were originally
selected to create this 4.18.x release.


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